Teacher / Instructor: Tim Friesen

I am a high school teacher in the Winnipeg School Division, having spent the past ten years teaching with the International Baccalaureate academic curriculum. In my teaching philosophy, it is imperative for a program like the Churchill High School Hockey Academy to be built on a foundation of strong academic standards. The CHSHA is designed with this pedagogy in mind and I am excited about the possibilities of this unique endeavor.

My coaching resume is fairly extensive as I have been a teacher of the game for over twenty years. Currently, I am associated with Bar Down Hockey Academy, along with the Mini Blues Skills Programs, which offers off-season camps to players of all ages.

I have coached hockey at a variety of levels, such as City AAA and AAAA High School, with most of my experience at the stronger, more competitive levels of both Bantam and Midget age of hockey. I have been certified by Hockey Manitoba and Hockey Canada.
Student-athletes, no matter at what skill level, need to be provided with opportunities to challenge themselves in all aspects of the game. The design of this academy will help equip these skaters develop a strong skill set so that they may compete at their highest levels. Each session will focus on developing their individual abilities in all facets of the game. These athletes are here to challenge their personal limits and push themselves beyond what they thought was their capacity. It is my hope that through this hockey experience that each student-athlete will be provided with a lifelong sense of discipline, dedication, and teamwork.

As an educator, I believe hockey can be instrumental in fostering those skills needed to achieve an individual’s personal best in their academic success. Students should anticipate that the expectations within this academically enriched environment are set at a high standard and it is their goal to achieve these challenges.

The vision of this academy is one that brings together a spirit of higher learning, support, competitiveness and community for all our athletes, while preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow. CHS is an ideal setting to help inspire student-athletes to succeed in school, in hockey and in life.

Instructor: Riley Dudar

Riley DudarUpon completing my degree and five year career as a player on the University of Manitoba Bisons Hockey Team, I began developing hockey players and athletes during the off-season. I spent four years as the Bison Men’s Strength and Conditioning Coach and am currently in my fifth year as assistant coach with the University of Manitoba Bisons Hockey Team.

Over the past year I have also transitioned into my role as Director of Athletics at United Therapies Strive, and developed Evolution Hockey. With Evolution Hockey, I work on skating and skill development with focused groups of elite level AAA, Junior, and College players, and more recently began working with NHL and European professionals. I am trained in Hockey Canada’s High Performance Coach 1 program, and am a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional.

During our sessions, my training and passion in the above areas will allow me to challenge your skating, puck, and scoring skills, mental game strategies, and energy system development in a specific way. Not only do we break down the details, skills, and situations we are working on, but also demonstrate what we want you to do. To enhance the learning experience, we use a number of iPads to capture various angles, giving you direct and immediate visual feedback. Failing is always an option, because that’s how you will get better. We will challenge you over and over, with a program that progresses as you continually improve.