Welcome to the Churchill High School Hockey Academy

We are excited to announce the continuation of our Hockey Canada skills academy for the 2017-18 school year. This program, which began in 2016, starts at the grade 7 level and continues into higher grades. Registration for new participants is now open and can be found on the "forms" page of our website.

Churchill High School has a long standing tradition of academic, athletic and artistic excellence. The programming within the hockey skills academy is an extension of both the school and the classroom, mirroring the vision and mission of CHS.  At Churchill, you have a choice of either the English or French stream of instruction as this school offers classes in both official languages.

As educators, we use hockey as a tool to keep students engaged and enthusiastic about achieving their potential within all areas of the school curriculum. The skills academy reflects the values of the Winnipeg School Division, which creates an environment that is inclusive to individual student development both academically and athletically.

Students are enrolled in all of the core academic courses, as prescribed by Manitoba Education and Training. Time allotments for Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies meet or exceed the prescribed minutes of instruction per course. The Churchill High School Hockey Academy strives for all students to achieve academic excellence.  Students also take courses in Home Economics / Industrial Arts and are provided with opportunities to join all extra-curricular activities at the school.

The hockey academy is also designed to complement and enhance skill development opportunities within the current Hockey Canada Branches and their minor hockey associations.

Our vision is to empower students to become responsible, productive, global citizens in the 21st century. As a UNESCO school, we will ensure that peace is at the core of all that we do as a community by using the four pillars of learning: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together.



Skating:  Riley Dudar, from Evolution Hockey, will spend 60 hours this year focused on honing the skating stride, form and control of each participant. His advanced edgework techniques, combined with his strength training program, will allow players to become technically proficient, tactically aware, and more physically athletic. In today’s brand of hockey, players that dominate the game are those that are strongest on their feet. A main part of our program is centred around building up those abilities so that they can challenge the game at the next level.


Individual Skill Development:  Our program has placed a strong emphasis on developing individual skills so that players are able to control the game with their ability to manipulate the puck. Puck control is developed through stickhandling, shooting, and passing, and when combined with skating, will help make a complete player. All players want “soft” and “fast” hands, but often they do not have scheduled time in their practices to advance these skills. We allot a great deal of our instructional time to work on individual skills so that players will find confidence in the ways they play with and without the puck. Players are given the opportunity to handle the puck in a multitude of scenarios that they may encounter during a game.


Strength Training:  Player development always begins with strength. In order for players to perform certain skills on ice they have to develop the strength to manage each task. Off ice instructions involves plyometric and other techniques that mimic the on-ice skills they are trying to perform. Through our academy we offer opportunities where players can participate in meaningful training, which allows the development of power, speed and control, in relation to individual on ice performance.


Student Athlete:  Being a strong athlete makes for a good hockey player, but developing a strong student athlete makes for continued success in all aspects of life. Education is the foundation of our program and we want these athletes to embrace their academic performance, using hockey as a tool to promote academic success. Our program is designed to help develop the habits of responsible learning and bring a balance to sports and education. Players need to keep school their priority and focus, so they can play the game they so much enjoy. By building up their academic programming, students will achieve greater rewards in all aspects of life, and in turn, we are developing the leaders of tomorrow.